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Living My Dream – Life as a Charter Captain

Living my dream

There seem to be no bad days on the open ocean for me.

Some days may be better than others because of the weather, visibility and number of fish caught.

However, the open ocean always offers a unique perspective much like the individual guests I serve.

I find their stories fascinating, entertaining and some rather inspiring.

People always want to know who I am and how long I’ve been doing this. When I express I’m living my dream they can feel my heart and passion becomes contagious. They learn quickly that It’s never about me. While I’m happy to share my own experience, my aim is to cultivate the environment that allows them to relax, become inspired and leave rejuvenated.

I’m doing what I Love and there is no faking it. Besides, even if you were to try and fake it, body language speaks louder than words which is 85% of the communication we use to read people. Words have different meanings for different people, but the tone and pitch of a voice reveal the feelings behind the words.

From the moment my guests arrive they feel welcome like family or at home. There are muffins on the table accompanied by fresh fruit. A hot breakfast is in the oven and the yacht smells like my grandma’s cooking because it’s her recipe that I prepared the night before. A quiche or breakfast casserole that is loaded with sausage, cheese, eggs, Italian bread and country gravy. The casserole has to sit in the refrigerator overnight so the eggs soak into the bread fully. I’ll top it with gravy or cream of mushroom, add a little more cheese and then put it in the oven about half an hour before they arrive. During our safety briefing they become acquainted with the yacht and settle in like it was their own, that’s how I want them to feel like it’s theirs for the day. I let everyone know that the best view is up on the fly bridge where they can watch the sunrise as we head out the jetty.

We have a two to three hour run to get to the fishing grounds on a full day trolling in the gulf stream or forty-five minutes to an hour if we’re fishing near shore.

Every day is different depending on the experience the customer wants to have, some like to bottom fish, some like to troll, either way it’s more like hunting than going to the grocery store. I’ll look at the charts, water temperature breaks and talk to other captains the night before to formulate a game plan and a couple back up plans. Always Ready, that’s been my motto for years. We make it about the journey and not the destination. When the bite gets hot fish are flying over the rail, people get excited and want to take pictures. I’ve got a GoPro or camera rolling to capture the magic moments. We’re making memories for a lifetime. I’m thankful and grateful to be part of the celebration.

When the trip is over it’s almost always too soon even if we have gone over on time most groups don’t want it to end. My customers are genuinely grateful and look forward to coming back or scheduling a multi-day trip to the Bahamas. So, when you hear me say I’m living my dream, know that I’ll encourage you to live yours too. You can’t get it wrong when you come from the deepest place in your heart.

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