C Suite Charters


Minimum deposit $500

7 am – 2 pm Head out to the edge of the Gulf Stream and increase your chance of catching Tuna, Wahoo, and Mahi Mahi. We will be spending time on the hunt trolling while looking for surface action and bird schools. These Pelagic fish are migratory and use the Gulf Stream like we use the freeway. We will be fishing temperature breaks and spotting from the tuna tower often using the outriggers and down riggers targeting specific species at different depths. Stopping occasionally on our favorite spots for some bottom action. You will be cared for like never before and well fed.  A Hot Breakfast and fresh seasonal fruit will be served by the Steward on our way out as well as lunch mid day.  Make yourself at home, it’s your yacht for the day and there are plenty of snacks in between.  We keep the cooler stocked with cold water, coke, sprite and ginger ale.  The refrigerator is full for you and your guests so don’t be shy.  Feel free to bring whatever special foods you like if you have an acquired taste.  You will feel inspired, relaxed and rejuvenated.