C Suite Charters

On the Other Side

Sunset over the marina at Port Canaveral

Documentary Style Video Series – Coming Soon!         

The other side is a dream for many and reality for few.  Some wise fishermen use the term to describe the other side of the gulf stream where the fishing is on fire, I mean red hot nonstop, wide-open action.  Others use the term to describe the crossover in business from struggle to having made it big.  Athletes use it to describe the breakthrough when they reach the flow state and find their grove.  Actors and movie stars use the same term for reaching stardom.

          Were going to play with the ones who have crossed over and let them tell you their stories while they’re on the other side in the Bahamas at Old Bahama Bay Resort and fishing in the zone with C Suite Charters.  The edge is off in the comfort of Old Bahama Bay, relaxed and carefree our guests are ready to share their secrets by the pool, at the cabana and while they’re fishing in the magical world of the Bahama’s on a 45’ Hatteras Sport Fisher.  Strap in cause were about to get hooked up.

          We’re going to take you on an adventure exploring the other side in some of the most pristine waters with non-stop action and heart felt stories from tragedy to triumph.  These superstars have made it to the other side, and you get to learn how they turned a dream into reality.

          You will learn their struggles, what they had to overcome, what they had to change, who helped them and why.  They will share their hearts, mindset, physical routines and even some of their rituals or deep religious beliefs.  This is going to be an epic adventure that will pull on all your senses and leave you wanting more.   You will see yourself crossing over, inspired, optimistic and elated to start your own hero’s journey.

          Join C Suite Charters today for an epic tale on the other side.

If you want to inspire others by sharing your story and be a guest on our show reach out directly to Captain Rick Ely.