C Suite Charters


Captain Rick Ely- Chief

Captain Rick also known as Chief turned 21 out at sea on a commercial tuna boat in Mexico, Jack Pole fishing was the old style an art rarely seen today.  From there he made it on a one-way ticket to Kodiak Alaska fishing Crab, Black Cod, Hearing, Halibut and Salmon.  Working in between gigs he fished on luxury sport fishing boats like the World-famous Polaris Supreme and several others out of San Diego.  He got his first Coast Guard License in 1997 as a Chief Engineer also working on tugboats and container ships, for 10 years he enjoyed his first Maritime career.

At 30 Captain Rick got into real estate, enjoyed a 20-year career owning a commercial real estate brokerage and development company.  He’s taught personal and professional development and been coaching others along the way.

You can take the man out of the sea, but you can’t take the sea out of the man.  When Rick asked his Son Desmond what he wanted to do when he got out of the Marine Corps Desmond said that he wanted to run a charter boat.  So, Rick said find us a boat and Desmond did, C Major 7th a 44’ custom Sportfisher and C Major Adventures was born, now (C Suite Charters).  

Rick says, “Dare to dream and even better live it.”  Happily married for 24 years with 3 amazing children 2 dogs and a home on Merritt Island just a few miles from the Yacht he wakes up excited to share the Joy of life on the water with others.  His favorite quote is by Zig Ziggler “You can have everything you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Caleb vogel- Mate/chief steward

After graduating from the University of Kansas with an economic and business degree, Caleb decided to pursue his passion for fishing and love of the ocean. He’s been fishing and boating with his dad before he could walk. He enjoys filmmaking and is an excellent camera man, documenting his journeys along the way. He’s a wonderful steward that enjoys entertaining, which makes him a great fit for the C Suite team.

Captain Joey Lalonde - Chief mate / deck hand

Your fishing charter will be guided by Captain Joey. He has been a nature, wild life, and outdoor enthusiast all of his life. Joey is very laid back, easy going, but takes his job catching fish very serious. He treats every charter as if it were his own family going on the trip. Making his clients smile, laugh, and creating memories that will last a lifetime is what drives him. Growing up in south Florida he would look forward to the weekend with his family and friends boating, fishing, and diving.

Captain Joey loves being on the water so much he enlisted into the US Coast Guard and became a Marine Engineer. After many humbling experiences in the USCG he returned to Central Florida and worked on becoming a captain.

When Joey is not fishing he is surfing, studying, working, and teaching permaculture. He is very passionate about growing fruits and vegetables. He also works on air conditioners for another form of income in the off season.

Captain Joey firmly believes that your fishing charter will have safety as a top priority.

Captain Bob Zola

Fishing, Cruising, and Exploring Worldwide since 1982.

A Native Floridian and Captain for 40+ years, Bob has delivered and skippered over 300 yachts. As a big game fishing enthusiast, he’s fished in all the places listed below targeting Blue Marlin, tuna, wahoo, sailfish, and many other species. Bob’s been a charter fishing captain in Key West and Sarasota and was a captain on private fishing yachts in the Bahamas for many years. He’s learned the Gulf of Mexico from Galveston to Key West including Dry Tortugas, and Intercostal Waterway.

 He’s navigated the Atlantic Ocean from Key West to Martha’s Vineyard, including Hawk channel and the Intercostal Waterway, Bob knows it intimately, with over 25 round trips being completed from Miami to New York, Long Island, Hudson River and up into the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway.

He’s cruised and lived in the Bahamas from Bimini to Marsh Harbor and all islands South to Great Inagua including the Berry Islands, Grand Bahama, Sandy point, Eleuthera, the Exuma’s, Long Island, and all islands between Marsh Harbor and Great Inagua.

Captain Bob has also explored the Caribbean from Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic to Guadalupe, including Puerto Rico, Saint Thomas, Tortola, Saint Kitts and the Mediterranean from Corsica to Antibes, Nice, and Toulon as well as Central America Panama Canal, Galapagos, Marquesas, Tahiti, and New Zealand.

Bob has explored a great deal of the World by land, knowing very well the countries of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Finland.  He would also have you know that he opened the Galleon Marina in Key West as its manager in 1984 and ran the marina until 1990.

With all his experience Bob remains extremely humble knowing that there is plenty to learn and so much more to see. His passion for fishing, customer care and adventure on the ocean is inspiring and contagious.  He’s also a wonderful teacher and a great storyteller.  We all have much to learn from Captain Bob Zola.