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Fishing the Full Moon

Does The Moon Actually Impact the Success of Your Fishing Trip?

In the age of high tech, state of the art gear and the most modern techniques of fishing known to man, fishing in sync with the lunar cycle seems like ancient folklore. Could keeping track of the moon actually impact the number of bites you’re getting?

Yesterday, Aug.30,2023, we experienced one of the rarest celestial events, a super blue moon. This occurs when a full moon coincides with both a “supermoon” and a “blue moon.” In this event, the moon is at its closest point to Earth in its orbit, appearing larger and brighter in the sky. A blue moon, on the other hand, refers to the second full moon within a calendar month. When these two events occur simultaneously, a super blue moon graces the night sky, captivating observers with its impressive size and luminosity. But more importantly, the moon’s super size has a super effect on tides, luminosity, and yes, fish activity.

Fishing Before a Full Moon

During this lunar phase, the moon’s gravitational pull is stronger, leading to higher tides. These increased tidal movements can trigger a surge in marine activity as aquatic creatures, such as fish, become more active and responsive to changes in their environment. Fish tend to feed more voraciously during this time, taking advantage of the enhanced currents that bring a greater supply of food their way. Additionally, the brighter nights created by the impending full moon can illuminate the water’s surface, making it easier for both predators and prey to spot each other. This improved visibility provides anglers with a better chance of spotting fish and improving their chances of a successful catch. As a result, fishing before a full moon presents a promising opportunity for a fruitful and rewarding ocean fishing experience. Getting out on the water right at sunrise increases chances of hitting the fish when they’re still out since nighttime feeding.

Fishing After a Full Moon

Fishing after a full moon offers its own set of advantages for anglers. Following the full moon, the tidal movements gradually become less extreme as the moon’s gravitational pull weakens. This can lead to calmer and more stable conditions in the ocean, which can be beneficial for fishing. The reduced light from the waning moon glow can also encourage fish to venture out from their hiding spots and become more exploratory in their search for food. But overall, fish tend to return to their normal feeding patterns.

The Verdict

Yes, the moon definitely affects fish activity, which makes sense considering its massive effects on ocean tides and night visibility. Still, each angler has their preferences for when exactly to go. Us at C Suite Charters agree that the 4 days before and 4 days after a full moon, specifically at sunrise, are the most fruitful. Put your own theories to the test and book a charter trip!